FLASHWAVE® 5300 Ethernet Access and Aggregation Devices

The FLASHWAVE 5300 family of Ethernet access and aggregation devices offers flexible options for delivering standards-based Carrier Ethernet EPL/EVPL/ELAN services, in addition to T1 and OC-3 circuit-emulated services. With their rich QoS feature set, SLA compliance support, fast restoration capabilities, and end-to-end point-and-click provisioning, this platform series is ideal for metro core, aggregation, and access applications. Their small form factor, low power consumption, and temperature-resilient architecture make these devices ideal for wireless towers, customer premises, and aggregation points.

Solving the Challenges of Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery
The FLASHWAVE 5300 platforms solve key business challenges for service providers who want to add or augment their Ethernet services offerings:

Expanding capacity and footprint

Modernizing to support new technologies and service types

Reducing Capex and Opex

Supporting redundancy and protection

Implementing service-level assurance and SLA compliance

Speeding up service delivery and turn-up

The FLASHWAVE 5300 platforms are ideally suited to three key applications:

Ethernet Business Services

Mobile Backhaul

T1 and OC-3 Circuit Emulated Services

Devices in this Family

FLASHWAVE 5305 – 4 ports x 1 GbE/10 GbE SFP+

FLASHWAVE 5310 – 8 x E1/T1 CES, 4 x GbE, and 1 x OC-3/STM-1 CES

FLASHWAVE 5321 – 24 ports x 1 GbE SFP 4 ports x 1 GbE/10 GbE SFP+

FLASHWAVE 5322 – 12 ports x 1 GbE/10 GbE SFP+



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