Alcatel Lucent Multiservice WAN Switches Metropolis DMX

The 1665 Data Multiplexer is a compact, yet highly-scalable Ethernet/SAN/SONET platform that bridges the bandwidth gap between LANs and core backbone networks. The 1665 Data Multiplexer enables multiservice growth from traditional voice/private line services to Ethernet/SAN services while improving data networking efficiency.

The 1665 Data Multiplexer is engineered to help you bring new services to market faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. It offers a highly scalable switch fabric that can grow from 2.5G to 10G and in-service capacity upgrades.


The 1665 Data Multiplexer is part of the comprehensive Optical portfolio, providing end-to-end optical solutions for today’s metro and long-haul networks.

Offers seamless migration from TDM to packet networks enabling growth to a more diverse portfolio of services
Provides seamless end-to-end optical integration and inter-working capabilities with Alcatel-Lucent and other vendor systems
Combines the trusted reliability of SONET protection for all services plus rapid spanning tree and Resilient Package Ring (RPR) protection for data services
Adds SAN transport and RPR switching to existing Ethernet/SONET hybrid capabilities
Offers increased revenue-generating potential by integrating GbE, Fast Ethernet, virtual LAN, and SAN networking capabilities into existing SONET-based solutions and services
Enhances the SONET layer by introducing Ethernet and SAN into the Wide Area Network (WAN)/Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)


The 1665 Data Multiplexer offers SONET, Ethernet and SAN functionality on a single compact platform in support of new services.

Migrate seamlessly from TDM to packet networks

Flexible bandwidth granularity and service scalability when interconnected with routers and data switches
Hybrid Ethernet/SAN over SONET functionality allows enhanced data networking efficiency over legacy SONET base
Wideband, broadband and optical service interfaces

Increase revenue and operation cost saving potential

High-speed 10/100 Mbps and GbE data service interfaces with VCAT, LCAS, and CIR and PIR rate shaping options
Increase the efficiency of data and storage transport
20 Amp shelf option provides power savings opportunities

Extend service life of existing SONET network

Combines SONET, Ethernet and SAN functionality in a single platform and helps simplify metro Point of Presence (POP) router handoff
Grows metro access networks without fork-lift equipment upgrades
Utilizes standards-compliant designs to help preserve existing network investments
Features interface packs with backplane connectors to help provide the hardware with higher protection against accidental damage


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