Alcatel Lucent Multiservice WAN Switches GX 550

The GX 550® Multiservice WAN Switch offers the multiservice protocol support and proven reliability you need to evolve your data network to add advanced services, while maintaining profitable Layer 2 services. With 25 Gb/s full duplex ATM and 32 Gb/s full duplex packet throughput, service-aware routing, high-speed switching and optical interfaces that connect directly to transmission networks, the GX 550 switch has the power to anchor the most demanding service provider networks. Robust quality of service (QoS) and high-density interfaces also make the GX 550 switch a valuable player in the access network.


Cut costs by connecting directly to DWDM nodes
Converge multiple networks onto one platform
Support all Layer 2/3 services with QoS
Build a more scalable network to meet demand
Simplify operations with unified network management


Protocol-independent multiservice switching
Proven, carrier-class performance and reliability
Superior capacity and scalability
Cost-effective data transport


The GX 550® Multiservice WAN Switch anchors core networks to deliver highly reliable ATM, IP and frame relay services.

Simplify your network infrastructure and help reduce costs by connecting directly to DWDM nodes (eliminating separate signal regeneration equipment)
Converge multiple networks onto one platform and avoid costly overlays by adding IP services to your existing ATM and frame relay networks
Back all ATM, MPLS, IP and frame relay services with robust QoS, superior reliability and carrier-class performance
Increase potential revenues by building a larger, more scalable network that can support more users
Simplify network operations and speed service activation with end-to-end network and service management across the multiservice network
Improve ROI and anchor carrier-class multiservice networks with a system that provides world-class reliability and industry-leading port densities


Multiservice switching, proven reliability and superior scalability enable you to evolve your services to meet demand.

Protocol-independent multiservice switching

Supports all Layer 1, 2 and 3 protocols critical to WAN service revenue growth and service development—including all relevant ATM, frame relay, IP and MPLS standards to enable interoperability
Configurable quality of service (QoS) policies enable fine-grained control and appropriate tradeoffs within the spectrum, ranging from absolute QoS to best effort. Quad-plane switching architecture supports four QoS classes, traffic policing and shaping
Agile connection buffering with advanced traffic management, connection admission control and flow control to efficiently mix all traffic classes and users on a single network while maintaining QoS
MXOS® Multiservice Switch Operating Software enables you to deliver multiple services from a single network infrastructure, allowing you to maintain existing profitable data services and avoid costly overlay IP networks
Network and Service Management Software provides multiservice management from a single platform, including extensive configuration, performance and security management, as well as point-click-done provisioning for all services

Proven, carrier-class performance and reliability

Automatic protection switching on SONET/SDH interfaces, automatic switchover to a redundant switching fabric, Stratum 3 holdover timing, priority routing, and other hardware and software features provide superior reliability
Priority routing and rerouting delivers network throughput to services/customers on a prioritized basis in the event of a facility or network outage. High-priority services take precedence in the event of a service disruption

Superior capacity and scalability for more cost-effective data transport

Extremely high circuit setup rate and high circuit capacities: 5000 Switched Virtual Circuits (SVCs)/second and 8M calls/hour; up to 1.28M simultaneous Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs); and up to 6.4M simultaneous SVCs per chassis
The NP2 and ATM BIO2 modules increase the switch’s processing power and VC support by 400%. The BIO-C module provides 2.5 Gbps on a single thread, enabling the GX 550 to support services between OC-12c/STM-4 and OC-48c/STM-16
Connecting GX 550 switches to fiber through DWDM equipment or direct fiber connections eliminates the need for signal regeneration equipment and moves statistical multiplexing into the transmission facility for more cost-effective transport
High port densities, high virtual circuit support, and distributed routing and signaling increase service capacity while OC-48/STM-16, OC-12/STM-4, and OC-3/STM-1 ATM interfaces provide high-speed trunking and access to the transport core
The GX 550 switch offers the high-speed, industry-standard, optical interfaces essential to core and access applications. A single switch supports up to 156 OC-3/STM-1 ports, 39 OC-12/STM-4 ports or 9 OC-48/STM-16 ports


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