Cisco Catalyst ME-4900 Series Switches

Designed for service providers looking to deploy next-generation residential services like voice and video, this one-rack-unit, cost-effective device can be easily integrated into small central offices with limited rack space.

The Cisco ME 4924-10GE Ethernet aggregation switch is a Layer 2-4 switching U-PE aggregation switch built for high-performance Carrier Ethernet networks. Based on Catalyst 4900 Series technology, the ME 4900 Series delivers on the performance and availability required by service providers offering triple-play (voice, video, and data) services to residential customers.


Industry-leading wire-speed performance of 48 Gbps and 71 million packets per second
Low latency with Layer 2-4 switching
Innovative security and quality-of-service features
Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks
Optional internal AC or DC 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies
A hot-swappable fan tray with redundant fans
MEF9 and MEF14 certified for EPL , EVPL and ELAN


Access nodes are the demarcation point between the subscriber and the service provider network. They are Ethernet Layer 2 devices usually located in central offices, as part of outside plant, or in the basements of multitenant buildings and are owned and managed by the service provider. The access nodes provide different UNI options, subscriber and service multiplexing, and special functions for supporting triple-play services.

E-FTTx: Catalyst 4500, 4500-E


The Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Network is composed of aggregation and distribution nodes deployed in various physical topologies, most popular being rings and hub and spoke. The aggregation node provides an intermediate aggregation and multiplexing layer between the access and the edge network layers.

L2 Aggregation: Catalyst 4500-E, 4900M, ME 4924, 4948, 4948 10-GE


This French service provider offers triple-play services over a next-generation fiber to the home (FTTH) network using Cisco Catalyst 4500 switches.


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