Cisco 800 Series

Integrate Services for Small or Mobile Offices

Get comprehensive and innovative services with Cisco 800 Series Routers, including:

Enterprise-grade security
Cisco unified voice, video and data communications
Built-in WAN optimization
Application visibility and control
Cloud-application connectivity

These integrated services routers (ISRs) deliver industry-leading performance and advanced IP services over all WAN technologies, including XDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, 3G and 4G, and fiber.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco 800 Series ISRs come in various fixed configurations and deliver a consistent experience to suit heterogeneous deployment scenarios, feature requirements, performance levels and use cases.
Pervasive WAN Connectivity

Cisco 800 Series ISRs connect enterprise branches or small businesses over a wide range of WAN access technologies, including Ethernet, xDSL and Fiber. They facilitate consistent IT policy management across all devices.
Fixed Yet Flexible Configuration

Cisco 800 Series ISRs are available in a wide variety of performance, price, and feature tiers. The 800 Series ISR can meet almost any requirement.
Single-Box Voice and Data Solution

Cisco 800 Series ISR solutions are ideal for small branch offices needing voice connectivity delivered by managed-service providers.
Quiet, Fanless Operation

The new Cisco 800 Series ISRs are fanless, providing a quiet, comfortable working environment in the small offices where they are usually deployed.
Compact or Hardened Form Factor

These routers are available in two form factors:

Compact desktop
Hardened and durable to deal with the most extreme deployment locations

Industry-Standard Cisco IOS Software

All Cisco 800 Series ISRs run Cisco IOS routing software, which is an industry standard. This feature provides consistency in configuration, and policy and device management across the Cisco ISR portfolio.

Specifications at a Glance
800M Series (Semi-Modular ISR)

Ideal for small sites; offers flexible connectivity options and simplifies large-scale wireless WAN deployments
Integrated security and app services; delivers the best price/performance ratio in its class

810 Series (Smallest Cisco Fixed ISR)

Ideal for machine-to-machine and device-to-device deployments such as ATMs, point-of-sale, and other applications that help enable the “Internet of Things”, where devices talk to each other with little intervention or human supervision.

860 Series (Entry-Level Fixed ISR)

Basic features, security performance, and connectivity for teleworkers and small branch offices of 10 users or fewer
Ideal for service provider – managed entry-level services

880 Series (Flagship Fixed ISR)

Advanced features, industry standard performance, and connectivity
Ideal for enterprises, small businesses, and service provider – managed services

890 Series (Premium Fixed ISR)

Industry-leading features and performance for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and service providers
Exceptional fixed routers that come with a comprehensive feature set and offer high performance


Part/Model #   /  Description



C881G-U-K9   /  C881 3.5G (Non-US) HSPA/UMTS

CISCO827   /  Cisco 800 Series (Model 827) ADSL Router CISCO827

CISCO827-4V  /   Cisco 800 Series ADSL Router

CISCO831-K9   /  Cisco 831 Ethernet Broadband Router

CISCO831-K9-64   /  Cisco 830 Series Router with 64MB DRAM CISCO831-K9-64

CISCO837-K9  /   Cisco 837 ADSL Router

CISCO851-K9   /  Cisco 850 Series Secure Broadband Router CISCO851-K9

CISCO861-K9   /  Cisco 860 Series Secure Broadband Router CISCO861-K9


CISCO871-SEC-K9   /  Cisco 871 Adv IP Svcs Security Bundle

CISCO871W-G-A-K9    /    Cisco 870 Series Secure Wireless Broadband Router

CISCO876-SEC-K9   /  Cisco 876 Security Bundle

CISCO877-K9   /  Cisco 877 ADSL SOHO Security Router

CISCO877WGAK9   /  Cisco ADSL Security Rtr Wireless 802.11g

CISCO878-K9   /  Cisco 800 Series Router

CISCO881G-K9   /  Cisco 881 Ethernet Security Router

CISCO881G-S-K9   /  881G FE Sec Router bundle with Adv



CISCO886VA-K9   /  Cisco 886 VDSL/ADSL over ISDN Multi-mode Router

CISCO887VA-SEC-K9   /  Cisco, Multi-mode Router w/ Adv IP

CISCO888-K9   /  Cisco888 G.SHDSL Sec Router w/

CISCO888-SEC-K9   /  Cisco888 G.SHDSL Sec Router w/ ISDN B/U

CISCO891-K9   /  Cisco 891 GigaE SecRouter

CISCO891W-AGN-A-K9   /  Cisco 891 GigaE SecRouter w/ 802.11n

CISCO892-K9   /  Cisco 892 GigaE SEC Router



800-ILPM-4    /  CISCO3800 SER 4PT 802.3AF INLINE PWR MOD


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